MAY 19, 2012 Annual Meeting Minutes



MAY 19, 2012

The Annual Meeting of the Christmas Mountain Campground Association was held May 19, 2011, in the Christmas Mountain Campground Clubhouse. Present were President Dennis Thurow, Vice President Vonei White Secretary/Treasurer Tammy Bateman, Director Connie Dodd and Director, Sheri Lundstrom.

Also present were Mike Nobles, General Manager, Christmas Mountain Village, Selim Wahba, Acting Maintenance Director, Dale Dobis, Regional Director, Bluegreen Resorts Management, Inc., and Kim Fries, Senior Manager Association Governance, Bluegreen Resorts Management

President Thurow called the meeting to order at 9:00 am and introduced the members of the board, the members of Bluegreen Resorts Management, Inc. and the Christmas Mountain Village management team.


· Dale Dobis stated that due to an error at the mail house in April, the annual meeting of the ownership was moved to May to allow proper notice to the ownership. An information meeting was held in April for those owners that had received notification of the meeting.

· There was a quorum with the number of undivided owner interests represented by proxy, and undivided interests represented by owners in attendance.


· A motion was made, seconded and carried, to approve the April 2, 2011, Annual Owner Meeting minutes as presented.


· There were five owner positions available for the 2012/2013 Board of Directors. President Thurow asked for nominations from the floor. Candidates from the membership included Vonei White, Dennis Thurow, Tammy Bateman, Connie Dodd, Sheri Lundstrom, Steve Jones, and Bob Kiggins. Each candidate spoke to the membership on their qualifications. A ballot was provided to each owner upon checking. .

Motion was made and seconded to close the floor for nominations.


· Dale Dobis reviewed a report with the ownership detailing the year to date financial picture for the association. Through March the association had a positive variance to budget of $35,908. Major variances were discussed by department. Discussions followed.

· Dale Dobis presented the 2012/2013 Operating and Reserve budgets. The adopted budget represented a 7.5% increase in fees. Major variances were discussed including an increase in housekeeping fees per reservation. Discussion followed on when the increase became effective. The effective date would be 6/1/2012. It was noted that although 2011/2102 was in line with budget many positions were open for various parts of the year. If those positions had been filled the budget would have been at a deficit at year end. Discussions followed on specific owner questions.


· Mike Nobles provided an overview of the operations and the items he and the team had been working on for the last 90 days. He noted that he and many other team members were new to the property. Items discussed included golf course activities, ski activities, summer concerts, housekeeping company change, new director of security, pool repair, laundry facilities, new website, and baseline of renovations. Discussions followed on security issues, golf cart rentals, and ownership types.

· Dale Dobis provided an update on the renovation plan. It was noted that due to cost, the project was being scaled down from that of the model unit. Specific pricing had not been finalized however numerous meetings had been held with the board on each step of the process including detailed pricing. It was noted that information will be sent to the members once approved by the board. This is expected to happen no later than the end of August. Discussions followed on the project including dead space with cabinets, valances, window screens, handicap accessible units and owner input on the project and scope of work.

· President Thurow updated the members on the ongoing discussions with the State of Wisconsin concerning the permanent RV sites violations. A meeting was held on March 19, 2012 in which the state noted violations including owners stay exceeding 4 months, dwellings exceeding the allowable size requirement, full time occupancy, and building without permits or in accordance with standard code. Current campground law would state that a PRV owner may only stay 4 months at the property. Additionally a moratorium had been place on all additions and modifications to the PRV sites while the state considered changes to the campground act. Discussion followed. President Thurow stated this was an ongoing issue with more updates to follow. The local attorney along with Bluegreen was continuing to work with the board on the issue.


· Owner questions included tree replacement, RV pads, RV storage, activities, selling of RV spots, communication to ownership, bulletin board for owner communication, and abandoned storage unit.


· President Thurow announced the outcome of the vote. Elected were Dennis Thurow, Vonei White, Tammy Bateman, Connie Dodd and Sheri Lundstrom as the 2012/2013 Board of Directors. Kim Fries provided the vote count.

There being no further business, a motion was made, seconded and carried to adjourn the meeting at 11:45 am.

Respectfully submitted, Acknowledged by,

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